Open Energy Efficiency Meter


The eemeter package is under rapid development; we are working quickly toward a stable release. In the mean time, please proceed to use the package, but as you do so, recognize that the API is in flux and the docs might not be up-to-date. Feel free to contribute changes or open issues on github to report bugs, request features, or make suggestions.


This package makes it simple to build and maintain residential and commercial energy efficieny monitoring systems that operate at scale.


Execute the following command to install the eemeter package and its dependencies:

pip install git+


This library uses the py.test framework. To develop locally, clone the repo, and in a virtual environment execute the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd eemeter
$ pip install numpy scipy pytest
$ python develop
$ py.test

You should ensure that you are using the virtualenv py.test executable with py.test –version.

Some tests are slow and are skipped by default; to run these, use the –runslow flag:

$ py.test --runslow