If you are installing python for the first time, we recommend using Anaconda, a free python distribution with builds for windows, mac os, and linux.

To get started with the eemeter, use pip:

$ pip install eemeter

Make sure you have the latest version:

>>> import eemeter; eemeter.get_version()

The eemeter package itself does not use C extensions. However, some eemeter dependencies do. These can be a bit trickier to install. If issues arise when pip installing eemeter, verify that the packges with C extensions are properly installing. Specifically, verify that these installation commands complete without errors:

pip install lxml
pip install numpy

If they fail, please see follow installation instructions for those packages (lxml, numpy).

Some statsmodels installations require numpy to be installed. If you run into errors with the statsmodels installation, be sure numpy is installed before attempting to install statsmodels. Once statsmodels is installed correctly, install eemeter.