Architecture OverviewΒΆ

The complete eemeter architecture consists primarily of a datastore application (see datastore), which houses energy and project data, and a data pipeline toolkit (see ETL Toolkit) that helps get data into the datastore.

These two work in tandem to take raw energy data in whatever form it exists and compute energy savings using the eemeter package. The methods and models used within the datastore for computing energy savings are kept in a library package called eemeter, which can also be used independent of the datastore application (see eemeter).

Each of these components are open sourced under an MIT License and can be found on github:

The core calculation engine is separated from the datastore in order to allow easier development of and evaluation of its methods, but this architecture also makes it possible to embed the calculation engine or any of its useful modules (such as the weather module) in other applications.

The data structures in each - the eemeter and the datastore - mirror each other. This simplifies data transfer and eases interpretation of results.